About Us

Better Broadband for East Ruston (BB4ER) was formed by a group of residents following a discussion about internet connectivity issues at the East Ruston Parish Council meeting held on 16th January 2017.

What We Have Learnt

Laying Cable Reels of ducting ready to be placed in a trench

Our Conclusion

We are convinced that:

What We Are Doing

Since reaching our conclusions after making our initial survey, amongst other things, the members of the group are:

Those Involved

Greg Chapman (Chair)
Chapel Road
Chris Marsden (Secretary)
South Fen
Lesley Marsden (Treasurer)
South Fen
Michael Davey
Technical Consultant (Volunteer)
Heath Brooks
Parish Council Observer
Ian Taylor
Short Lane, Happisburgh Common
Tim Grapes
Chequers Street
Tom Hayden
Yarmouth Road, Worstead

Now you know a little about us, read about Our Proposal and how, as a member of the local Community, you might be able to help.