The Campaign

Following much research and investigation, described on the About Us page, BB4ER is looking at the feasibility of establishing a fully fibre optic based broadband network to connect to every property in the parish and also where practicable to properties situated close to our parish boundaries. We are aiming to bring, to all who want it, a 1 Gigabit synchronous (equal download and upload speeds) broadband connection using fibre optic cables all the way to the customer.

Tractor with
		Mole PloughWe'll rely on farmers providing free wayleaves to allow cable to be laid under their land.

This type of service has been achieved by other community groups in the UK. The most prominent and successful of these initiatives is "Broadband for the Rural North" (B4RN), which has provided the model for other Community groups. Members of our group have visited parishes benefiting from the B4RN service, spoken to people involved in providing and taking advantage of it and undertaken training with B4RN.

What are the benefits for our community?

There are impressive benefits for our community with Fibre to the Premises broadband:

We need your help to assess the feasibility of this initiative and whether there is sufficient community support. Read more about how this could work on The Proposition page, and how you could help as a Landowner or Volunteer. (We are still to finalise investment options.) Please then Register an Interest. You are under no obligation whatsoever by doing this.