There is only one way we can build an affordable network, connecting even the most rural properties, and that is with the generosity and help of local landowners and farmers. This project relies massively on their local knowledge, assistance and free wayleave permissions.


The proposed Wayleave agreement is a simple, single page, plain English document that gives us permission to install ducting across a landowners property. These free wayleaves are the only way a network of the scale we are proposing can be built cost effectively by a community. These wayleaves will also be a necessity when crossing gardens to service other peoples properties.

We are still to confirm the final text of the Wayleave Form but it is expected to take a form very similar to the version available here:
Wayleave Form

Installing across farm land.

We will need people with professional ground working skills capable of operating diggers, tractors, trenching equipment etc. The work will have to be approved to meet the required standards. The installation depth of any ducting needs to be between 0.6 and 1.2 metres across cultivated farm land. The routing and depth must be discussed and agreed with the relevant landowners.

Laying Cable An AFT trencher in action